I grew up from an immigrant household. My father has always had a work ethic of problem solving–he sees it, he fixes it. I adopted this ethic into the field of health, performance, and longevity. I received my Human Foundations training in Texas in June 2020, and am continuing my training with my clients. Training with me, I try to pinpoint one dysfunction and work to find how to integrate that area for the body to use functionally again. I chip away at each piece until my client feels a definitive change at the end of the session compared to the beginning.

I am constantly exploring the connections between different areas of life, from sleep, to nutrition, to relationships, to rhythms, biomechanics, etc. I have an open mind, but am aware that the industry is filled with many gimmicks that show no results. I’ve tried many, and I stick with Functional Patterns because of the consistency in delivery and change.