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After having 5 concussions, I have had chronic migraines and have often felt faint or dizzy for the last 5 years with other odd symptoms to add. Nothing has ever helped with my pain and I finally concluded I would never feel well.

Working with Luis has brought me relief… finally! He has taught me how I can be constantly aware of my body positioning and movement in order to avoid pain. When I compare my past quality of life, health, posture, strength, and endurance to now, I see huge changes and I owe it all to Luis. He has been so patient with me, encouraging, and explains things in ways that make sense. He is always actively looking for ways to help me and I couldn’t appreciate what he does with Functional Patterns enough.

Working with Luis has truly changed my life!

Megan B.

I have been a runner for years and it left me with chronic back that I wasn’t able to explain or fix. Finding Luis was a miracle. He was able to immediately identify the compensations I was making within my gait cycle. He set me up with a personalized plan, and always followed up with me in between sessions.

I was hesitant to get started with functional patterns because I knew it would require me completely re-learning how to move and run. Luis was able to simplify the complexities in a way that made it easy to understand, and quicker to learn.

When I started working with Luis, I saw a dramatic decrease in my back pain almost immediately. Now, only 4 months in, I’m able to start running again. I cannot thank Luis enough!

Danielle T.

My life completely changed after 4 years as an Army paratrooper. While in service, I sustained a partial ACL/ complete PCL reconstruction, Degenerative disks from L3-S1 from a parachuting accident, and a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Living with chronic pain left me feeling desperate because most traditional therapies were not helping with long term pain management. After working with Luis, I felt a substantial reduced amount of discomfort from my injuries within the first few sessions and after a year of implementing his advice, I’m able to move better than I have in years.

Martin Aguilar

I was struggling with lower back pain due to injuries from playing soccer. I had a lower back injury in high school, a few ankle injuries in college, and then tore my MCL twice on my right knee. As a result my body was significantly out of balance and my lower back was taking the load from most activities. I was fairly fit and was using traditional weightlifting methods 3-5 days a week. Fast forward to meeting Luis Jr at Mind Body and Motion has changed my body and the way I think about exercise.

Luis evaluated my gait cycle and showed me where my imbalances were and laid out a plan to fix those issues. Within 2 weeks of working with Luis I no longer experienced lower back pain and was feeling fantastic. Fast forward to today, through the Functional Patterns methodology I am feeling stronger than ever. I still play soccer multiple times a week and have zero back pain.

Norm Crochetiere

My wife started going to Luis first and I was a bit skeptical of the results she was claiming. She finally convinced me to give Luis a try after my constant complaining of some pains that I have been experiencing for several years. Wow, what a difference several sessions with Luis made. I am totally amazed at the results. I highly recommend giving Luis a try.

Tom Stengel

Luis is the real deal! His myofascial release work helped me to to quickly correct long-standing muscle imbalances that had created chronic pain and an awkward gait. His functional patterns work has helped me to use my body more efficiently in my work as a massage therapist, greatly reducing ongoing pain and tension in my neck back and shoulders. As a bonus, the chronic tension headaches which have plagued me for decades are much better. At 58, I have more energy and vitality than I have in many many years. can’t recommend Luis and his work enough!

Lee June

After back surgery to repair a herniated disc in high school almost 10 years ago, I thought that my flare ups would never end, especially given that I golf nearly every weekend usually leaving the course with stiffness and pain. Since I have started training with Luis, I have learned how to move better, become a better athlete, and, most importantly, reduced my pain and stiffness almost entirely! My body has never felt better and I am able to play golf two, even three, days in a row and feel great. Luis makes rather complex tasks/motions easy to understand and informs you of the benefits of the exercise as well as the muscle groups that are activating. Given the success I have experienced over only the last 4 months with Luis and functional patterns, I will never train another way. Thanks Luis!

Kevin Kawasaki

Amazing improvement! Luis covers all the bases of developing strength, good posture, being pain free and it’s fun! This has been a unique workout experience for me; holistic, lots of attention to each person in class/their movements, encouraging, and never boring! As we age having correct posture, balance and safe body mechanics are key to staying active. My passion is riding horses, and my improved fitness is key to becoming better rider & safely doing all those barn chores! Thanks Luis!

Andrea Pasek

A little over 10 years ago I suffered an accident at work that not only left me in a lot of pain but put my body out of alignment. Over time my muscles compensated causing more pain especially in my knees and back. By working with Luis using the Functional Patterning excercises I am now free of my back and knee pain. I continue to work with Luis because I find myself getting stronger and moving through life with more ease.

Mary Dunn

I came to Luis with a new pain in my right hip that I wanted to get rid of. After his evaluation it became clear to me that we would improve that and also build my strength with proper body alignment.

The hip pain is gone and my balance and coordination on the tennis court has greatly improved. I feel all aspects of movement, walking, playing with my grandkids, swimming and tennis are improving as I continue working with Luis. His explanations are clear and provide a positive outlook for my future as I age. I love it.

Ginny Christopher

My functional patterns work with Luis improves not only how I move and feel throughout the day, but how I play (tennis) on the weekends. I strongly recommend trying it!

Rob Christopher

I can’t say enough about the work I have done with Luis Ponce, Jr. It has truly changed my life. I had suffered with lower back pain since my 20s due to several issues including a minor scoliosis. At age 41 I had a complete ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, and microfracture surgery on my right knee due to a Tae Kwon Do injury. After the surgery, I was told I was ready for a knee replacement, but that I was too young and given a list of things I should never do again…including Tae Kwon Do and many active things that I loved. Although I did intensive physical therapy and worked hard to rehab my knee, pain was an ongoing issue that only continued to increase as I got into my 50s. It caused me to give up or curtail many active sports and activities that I loved. I also developed significant pain in my neck through stress, aging and computer work that plagued me daily. Finally, a fall that caused a challenging to heal soft tissue injury in my left hip left me feeling as if the years ahead would be filled with pain, misery and limited mobility! Not so! The last year and a half working with Luis, everything has changed. I no longer live in pain. I rarely deal with pain and if I do, I now know what to do to get relief. I can actually run again, something I did not believe would ever be possible and I no longer believe that a knee replacement is part of my future. I feel stronger and hopeful about aging. I will be 60 in just two years and I honestly believe that if I keep up the work with Luis and continue to incorporate all I have learned and continue to learn in my daily life, I will be in the best physical shape of my life on my 60th birthday! Woo Hoo! Now that feels awesome!

Maureen Tobin

I have been training with Luis for a number of years now. His knowledge of anatomy and body systems allows him to communicate visualization of correct form and posture. His goal is to keep you athletic and fit, not to stress your muscles, ligaments, etc. out and cause injury. I blew out a disc in my back from doing heavy lifting for years improperly. Luis has worked with me to strengthen my core by activating muscle groups together to stabilize my body. As I get older it becomes more apparent the diet and exercise are essential to staying fit and Luis is a big part of my weekly routine.

Shawn Chizanskos

After several years of suffering from piriformis syndrome; I had exhausted my options for treatment, my local doctors and physical therapist were unable to get me back to a pain free life, this is what finally led me to Luis and onto the path of Functional Patterns training. After first being introduced to the Functional Patterns program, I knew right away it was a great program. Initially I was very skeptical that the program wouldn’t work on me, not because I didn’t believe in the methodology… but because I believed my body was broken, I thought it couldn’t be fixed. I soon learned that I was wrong, my piriformis syndrome is no longer an issue. With the help of Luis, I have fixed several other long standing biomechanics issues including: Morton’s neuroma, knee, and lower/upper back pain.

Bill Cline

Through many years of crossfit and weight lifting, my body could not take anymore. After five spine surgeries and torn ALC which led to a full knee replacement, I continued to compress my spine through weight lifting and crossfit. I never knew that I could live a pain free live. When Luis clearly explained to me how I can heal myself through proper body mechanics and inner core strength, I had some hope once again. With his guidance and compassion, through his expertise in Functional Patterns and really walking the talk himself, I am now pain free and stronger ever. I now move safely and with confidence in all planes of motion and I can enoy life again. FP is also about community and there is always a feeling of hope. I am so thankful that I found FP and Luis.

Karen Turnlund
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