In order to fully benefit from our program we require completion of our Initial Assessment. Completing our Initial Assessment is also a prerequisite to accessing our Group Training classes.  During your initial visit, we will closely assess your gait cycle by filming your movement in slow motion. Followed by a postural analysis where we analyze how your joints are stacked in a relaxed standing position and how efficient  your breathing patterns are. We will begin addressing structural imbalances and conclude the session with an action plan for moving forward.

Why is this assessment so important?

Our gait cycle is the specific sequences the body goes through when walking and running. Observing an individual’s specific movement patterns allows us to see deeper into a body’s functional capacity. For example, if your body does not lightly absorb the shock from the ground when running, we are able to pinpoint a compression somewhere up the kinetic chain. Common areas of compression are the ankle, knee, hip, lower back, or spine. Applying FP methods will reduce the stress on compressed areas eliminating inflammation and alleviating chronic aches and pains. The more we understand how your gait cycle is connected to your structural integrity, the more we can help you solve your problems and reach your pain-free fitness goals.


Private Training

After completing the 1 1/2  hour assessment and formulating a plan with your practitioner, the next step is to begin Phase One through one on one training. The objective of Phase One is to obtain structural integrity (a solid foundation) and achieve pain-free movement by focusing on FP training methods.

Once the foundation of Phase One is complete, your structure will be ready to progress into more complex dynamic explosive movements, without experiencing pain or injuries. We will start focusing  more on advanced training and address your imbalances through realignment techniques, chambers, multi-plane ballistics, and pendulum movements.

Partner Training

We also offer Partner Training if you would you prefer to train with a friend or family member. Partner sessions, are a more cost effective option and a great way to learn/practice with a partner. Another benefit to partner training is the opportunity to watch your partners transformation. Training your eye to see the imbalances on another structures will be helpful when correcting your own imbalances.  Although you will be sharing your time our trained practitioners will pin point specific points of priority for you to be aware of.


New To FP?

After having 5 concussions, I have had chronic migraines and have often felt faint or dizzy for the last 5 years with other odd symptoms to add. Nothing has ever helped with my pain and I finally concluded I would never feel well.

Working with Luis has brought me relief… finally! He has taught me how I can be constantly aware of my body positioning and movement in order to avoid pain. When I compare my past quality of life, health, posture, strength, and endurance to now, I see huge changes and I owe it all to Luis. He has been so patient with me, encouraging, and explains things in ways that make sense. He is always actively looking for ways to help me and I couldn’t appreciate what he does with Functional Patterns enough.

Working with Luis has truly changed my life!

Megan B.

I have been a runner for years and it left me with chronic back that I wasn’t able to explain or fix. Finding Luis was a miracle. He was able to immediately identify the compensations I was making within my gait cycle. He set me up with a personalized plan, and always followed up with me in between sessions.

I was hesitant to get started with functional patterns because I knew it would require me completely re-learning how to move and run. Luis was able to simplify the complexities in a way that made it easy to understand, and quicker to learn.

When I started working with Luis, I saw a dramatic decrease in my back pain almost immediately. Now, only 4 months in, I’m able to start running again. I cannot thank Luis enough!

Danielle T.

My life completely changed after 4 years as an Army paratrooper. While in service, I sustained a partial ACL/ complete PCL reconstruction, Degenerative disks from L3-S1 from a parachuting accident, and a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Living with chronic pain left me feeling desperate because most traditional therapies were not helping with long term pain management. After working with Luis, I felt a substantial reduced amount of discomfort from my injuries within the first few sessions and after a year of implementing his advice, I’m able to move better than I have in years.

Martin Aguilar