2022 – Functional Kids Class – Coming Soon !

Give your kids a pain-free future at FP South Bay

Our Functional Kids program is an upbeat fun class where children are inspired to become mindful of their bodies! This uniquely designed program will educate our children on how to move with proper biomechanics, which is key to functional healthy movement. We take into account their growth, coordination, and agility as we analyze each child’s gait, posture, and movement. Using their own results they will learn what areas in their movement need some attention. They will then learn how to acquire efficient movement while optimizing our primary movement patterns.

The primary movement patterns that humans were designed to use on a daily basis, are breathing, walking, running and throwing. Learning how to properly use these primary movements will support them in achieving optimal movement and endurance. Once these functions have been mastered, their nervous systems will be better programmed to sequence their joints and muscles.

Results to expect:

  • enhanced coordination
  • better balance
  • increased endurance
  • improved postural alignment
  • improved stability during dynamic movement
  • alleviate pain


Setting a solid foundation of primary movements will promote longevity within your child’s structure while allowing them to safely participate in any sport or activity they choose. Their structures are still very malleable, which will allow structural adjustments to be made quicker. When starting FP at a young age your child will absorb the proper techniques allowing them to build a healthy structural foundation for a future of confidence and pain-free functional movement.

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