Structural Integrity Class

Structural Integrity Class

NOTE: To access our group classes, you will need to first successfully complete a two-hour assessment and our Phase 1  foundations training.

Structural Integrity Class:

Structural Integrity is defined as constant even tension throughout the body between muscles, ligaments, joints, tissues, and bones that help you move and live pain free. This class establishes the foundation to gain more awareness of the tensions that we hold throughout our body affecting our physiology on a daily basis.

Through this neuromuscular re-education you will :

  • Relieve muscle aches & pains using self-massaging techniques
  • Improve mobility, stand taller, activate & strengthen weak and underutilized muscles
  • Understand your personal postural limitations, improve breathing, hydration and energy

The Structural Integrity class is a prerequisite to the Dynamic Group Training class.

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