“I am so encouraged and excited by the possibilities opening up for me
because of FP South Bay. I was experiencing pain in my knees and lower back and general fatigue in my body. In the few short months I’ve been
working with the team, the pain in both areas has subsided significantly and I’m experiencing a spaciousness in my body that I haven’t felt in years. The FP team combines deep knowledge about the mechanics of the body with a compassion and sensitivity that allows them to meet each individual
where they are – and, in the midst of all the focus, attention and hard work –  it’s a lot of fun too!! Looking forward to the continued work and progress


I had the opportunity to train with Luis Jr. during my 3 year stint at Functional Patterns Southbay and the training was well worth it. During grad school, I was a personal trainer who worked at places like the YMCA, Equinox, and trained at corporate spaces like LinkedIn. I know what it takes to appeal to a person who is looking to train and improve their functionality and mobility. With that said, I have never experienced a more effective modality (Functional Patterns) when it comes to improving a person’s functionality and mobility. In addition to experiencing Functional Patterns, the trainer, Luis Jr., is a very patient and intentional practitioner. He helped me to see the importance of Functional Patterns. All the trainers there are quality trainers and will help with getting you to the level you are envisioning for yourself.”


I came into Functional Patterns very skeptical because I have been limping for many years and saw many different physical therapists that couldn’t help. I learned that physical and mental health are more connected than we think. Not only did my walking look a lot better, but everything else. I weighed 193 lbs when I started, but now I am 146 lbs. I did not have to do any crazy dieting and I am confident I will stay at a healthy weight. My spine is a lot more straight, and my energy levels feel great. I breathe better and have confidence throughout the day. Functional Patterns has helped me with my depression much more than the pills I was prescribed. I recommend looking into Functional Patterns for anyone wanting to fix their gait, spine, training, and mental health.


Functional Patterns has been the only system that has provided me with the tools to get completely out of pain. I can now stand, walk, run, and throw while remaining pain-free. The concepts and standards that I have learned have not only given me the inspiration and tools to take ownership of my own health but has also inspired me to guide others down the path to a more functional life.


Before Functional Patterns, I had sort of accepted that I was going to be crippled with knee pain for the rest of my life–almost like it was a part of my identity. I felt challenged when hearing about all of the success stories at FP, thinking to myself, “could I be a success story as well?” After working with Luis, I immediately knew that this was the path to take if I wanted to move pain-free. Although each session was strenuous, my body accepted the stimuli and reprogrammed itself to move better and better. I now understand the saying, “FP is the standard”. This is the greatest system of fitness every devised in history. It is made for every human on the planet, and I am excited for anyone beginning their journey with Functional Patterns.

Daniel Molinari

Client Testomonial: “All throughout my career I dealt with coaches telling me how to train. I would often hear, “You have to get big in order to perform your best” or “you need to put on weight anyway you can” It never made sense to me. Yes there’s truth to that, but why are so many guys getting hurt following these workouts. Shouldn’t the training we are doing translate to what’s real on the field? But I digress. Did I get bigger? Yes. I was up to 215 in college. Did I see my on field performance get better? Actually I saw it get progressively worse. I wasn’t able to catch, throw, and run without a feeling of restriction. I started to get pain in areas I thought only old people get pain. When I signed professionally I made some adjustments, But still had the same pains in my body. This offseason I remember feeling so bored with Conventional lifting, new baseball Instagram lifts, and yoga. I just figured this is how I move and how my body is designed. But I still knew deep down there was a way to figure this out. One day my boy @scspive recommended me to take a look at FP. I was hooked when I saw their content on Instagram. It was exactly what I’ve been searching for. I called Mollie that day and scheduled an assessment with Luis. Walking in the door, I thought I was strong and functional until we did our first gait cycle and chamber. I had a lot to learn. I moved like shit. it made me hungry to keep working. Since starting with FP South Bay 7 months ago the changes that have been made are unbelievable. I am pain free, gained strength/mass in all the right areas, improved posture, and eating healthier than ever (thanks Mollie). It’s been a long process, But worth it. I’ve dealt with many trainers and none of them showcase the results that FP does. I know where I’ll be every offseason from now on… it’s a no brainer. I actually get excited now when I train, because there’s relevance to what i’m doing. I can’t express enough gratitude to Luis, Mollie, and everyone else at FP South Bay for welcoming me in. Thank you for pushing me to limits I didn’t know I could reach. Thank you for displaying a relevant system that works with how the body is designed to move. But most of all thank you for changing my life. I’m thicker, run faster, catch without knee pain, throw harder, and hit the ball harder. No bullshit. Just FP. If ain’t fixing my biomechanics. I don’t want it. FP all day. ??”

Karen Turnlund

Client Testomonial: “I never believed that I would be pain free due to the fact that I had three laminectomies and discectomies for L4-L5-S1; fusions for L5-S1 and an old college knee reconstruction (ACL, PCL, MCL) which led to a full knee replacement in 2017. My body was very worn down due to college basketball, 10 years of boot camps, and 11 years of Crossfit. I had frequent overuse injuries from a lack of structural integrity. I now been completely pain free for 6 months and feel stronger and more energy than I have in years.”

Through Functional Patterns methodolgy and dedication at understanding her gait mechanics, Karen has been able to connect chains of muscle that enable efficient myofascial force transmission. Developing structural integrity has allowed her to move past pain. We still have plenty to work on, but our objective is to continue to upgrade her mental software, which will lead to optimization of her biological blueprint. Great job Karen!


Kevin Kawasaki

Client Testimonial: “After back surgery to repair a herniated disc in high school almost 10 years ago, I thought that my flare ups would never end, especially given that I golf nearly every weekend usually leaving the course with stiffness and pain. Since I have started training with Luis, I have learned how to move better, become a better athlete, and, most importantly, reduced my pain and stiffness almost entirely! My body has never felt better and I am able to play golf two, even three, days in a row and feel great. Luis makes rather complex tasks/motions easy to understand and informs you of the benefits of the exercise as well as the muscle groups that are activating. Given the success I have experienced over only the last 4 months with Luis and functional patterns, I will never train another way. Thanks Luis!”

Kevin contacted me with hopes of eliminating frequent lumbar flare-ups and stiffness since his spine surgery 10 years ago to repair a herniated disc. He also wanted to gain a better understanding of @functionalpatterns and how he can improve his overall biomechanics and prevent further injury.

Before(on the left): Hyper-flaccidity is noticeable in his lumbar spine and pelvis.

After 4 months (on the right): Sprinting top speed pain-free. Now he can golf multiple days in a row without pain or stiffness. Noticeable improvements include increased stability in lumbar spine and pelvis, increase in strength & power via AOS/POS potentiation.

Great job Kevin, keep up the hardwork and dedication!

Tom Stengel

Client Testimonial: “My wife started going to Luis first and I was a bit skeptical of the results she was claiming. She finally convinced me to give Luis a try after my constant complaining of some pains that I have been experiencing for several years. Wow, what a difference several sessions with Luis made. I am totally amazed at the results. I highly recommend giving Luis a try.”

Relaxed posture gains by my client Tom who came in with severe pain in his right knee, upper calf/hamstring, both shoulders (numbness and tingling down left arm) and left side of his neck. All of which impeded his daily routine. With a history of spinal pathologies and surgeries including fused C4,5-6, Disc herniation L4-5 and right rotator cuff repair, Tom is now showcasing structural changes can still be made at 66.

In one month, I worked with him once a week (total of 4 hours), participated in four 30 minute MFR classes and was dedicated to his home program. He is now back to enjoying all of his daily activities including longer walks without excruciating pain. Overall pain has reduced immensely. Awesome work Tom!

Martin Aguilar

Client Testimonial: “My life completely changed after 4 years as an Army paratrooper. While in service, I sustained a partial ACL/ complete PCL reconstruction, Degenerative disks from L3-S1 from a parachuting accident, and a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Living with chronic pain left me feeling desperate because most traditional therapies were not helping with long term pain management. After working with Luis, I felt a substantial reduced amount of discomfort from my injuries within the first few sessions and after a year of implementing his advice, I’m able to move better than I have in years.”

Jen Finlay

Came to FPSB on November 4, 2021 with chronic migraines, tension and pain in the neck, traps and upper back. She described her pain as dull, continuous, burning, and sometimes sharp. Under Luis Jr’s guidance, 6 months later she has no more migraines, has no upper back and neck tension and is out of pain. She is now enjoying her day to day activities with more strength, energy and agility! Her posture photos to the right display her 6 month progress.

Lidia Andrade

Came in to FPSB on October 13, 2021 severe lumbar and si joint pain. Felt extreme discomfort while sitting and standing. She expressed not being able to sit or stand for no more than 15 minutes before the pain was too much. She received an epidural steroid injection about 7 months ago and felt very little relief. Training with Luis Jr, Mollie, and using the Decotank periodically, 5 months later she is completely out of pain and has been able to make some remarkable progress with her daily movement and posture. Her photos to the right display her 5 month progress.

Jessalyn Steinman

2 year Gait Progress. Jessalyn Steinman is a former yoga instructor and participated in yoga practice for over 10 years. She came in with moderate discomfort in her wrists, neck, shoulder, and low back. She is currently pain-free, has gained muscle mass, and is an FP Practitioner. Great work Jessa!

❌ Excessive foot pronation
❌ Excessive knee valgus
❌ Pelvic instability
❌ Stuck in hip flexion
❌ Spinal compression

✅ Improved foot position during foot strike
✅ Knee position more neutral
✅ Pelvis more stable
✅ Improved sling potentiation
✅ Improved arm line integration
✅ Muscle mass gains


After having 5 concussions, I have had chronic migraines and have often felt faint or dizzy for the last 5 years with other odd symptoms to add. Nothing has ever helped with my pain and I finally concluded I would never feel well.

Working with Luis has brought me relief… finally! He has taught me how I can be constantly aware of my body positioning and movement in order to avoid pain. When I compare my past quality of life, health, posture, strength, and endurance to now, I see huge changes and I owe it all to Luis. He has been so patient with me, encouraging, and explains things in ways that make sense. He is always actively looking for ways to help me and I couldn’t appreciate what he does with Functional Patterns enough.

Working with Luis has truly changed my life!

Megan B.

I have been a runner for years and it left me with chronic back that I wasn’t able to explain or fix. Finding Luis was a miracle. He was able to immediately identify the compensations I was making within my gait cycle. He set me up with a personalized plan, and always followed up with me in between sessions.

I was hesitant to get started with functional patterns because I knew it would require me completely re-learning how to move and run. Luis was able to simplify the complexities in a way that made it easy to understand, and quicker to learn.

When I started working with Luis, I saw a dramatic decrease in my back pain almost immediately. Now, only 4 months in, I’m able to start running again. I cannot thank Luis enough!

Danielle T.

My life completely changed after 4 years as an Army paratrooper. While in service, I sustained a partial ACL/ complete PCL reconstruction, Degenerative disks from L3-S1 from a parachuting accident, and a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Living with chronic pain left me feeling desperate because most traditional therapies were not helping with long term pain management. After working with Luis, I felt a substantial reduced amount of discomfort from my injuries within the first few sessions and after a year of implementing his advice, I’m able to move better than I have in years.

Martin Aguilar