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Functional Patterns is a revolutionary exercise system created by Naudi Aguilar. It is a system catered specifically to our genetic traits as a human. Our mission is to get you functioning at your highest capacity regardless of what your goals may be by building strength that is not only relevant to human biology but in a manner that respects sustainability.

Optimal bio-mechanics is the foundation of our training methodology. Our goal is to not only restore the body back to an aligned and fully integrated foundation, but to train it in a manner that is oriented around our human biological blue print and thus enhance overall health, posture, gait cycle and performance.

Bio-mechanical efficiency represents the gateway to reprogramming the way you operate your body. How you stand, walk, run, and jump will determine every facet of your health. optimizing the standing position is the root of developing effective movement patterns- which in turn sets the foundation for a neurologically and physiologically healthy human being. Once efficient posture is wired in, the body becomes immediately more adaptable because it is operating from it’s biological base point.

 Functional Patterns aims to fundamentally change the way we view health by offering a uniquely integrated holistic approach to pain-free movement, fitness and well-being. All while respecting our biological blueprint. You will learn how to understand the signals your body gives you through a holistic approach to movement. This approach will assist you in balancing multiple areas of your health and well-being. You can expect the following results:

          • Improved posture
          • Alleviate joint pain 
          • Enhance cognitive function
          • Correct structural deficiencies
          • Improve athletic performance
          • Become more resilient to stress
          • Maintain a healthy weight and decrease body fat
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